QED XT5 power cable promises clean, distortion-free current flow for audio electronics

British audio specialists QED has today unveiled its first ever XT5 mains power cable, which is designed to deliver clean, distortion-free current flow and allows sensitive audio electronics to operate at their optimum level and deliver the best possible audio performance.

QED has invested considerable time and technology – along with its over 45 years of cable technology expertise – to ensure the XT5 power cable achieves the class-leading performance and superb value for money that its range of analogue and digital cables are renowned for.

QED’s acclaimed X-Tube technology – first seen in the company’s loudspeaker cable ranges – has been specifically tuned for the XT5. To reduce the ‘proximity effect’ created when current density builds up in conductors nearest to each other, QED has applied its X-Tube technology by more effectively regulating current flow to audio equipment like stereo amplifiers.

As a result, the audio equipment is able perform as its designers intended.

To further shield the cable from radio frequency noise and mains-borne interference that can adversely affect the performance of audio electronics, QED has used a ferrite-impregnated inner jacket on the XT5. This effectively wraps the X-Tube cores in an impenetrable blanket of radio silence – absorbing high-frequency noise signals in this way has already proved successful in QED’s award-winning Audio 40 range of analogue and digital interconnects.

In the XT5, QED has created a power cable that allows the smooth, controlled flow of mains current with minimal interference and for very high-end electronic components to perform to their absolute maximum potential.

The QED XT5 power cable is available now from http://www.qed.co.uk.


QED XT5 Power Cable 1M – £149 / €179

QED XT5 Power Cable 2M – £169 / €199

QED XT5 Power Cable 3M – £199 / €239

Conductor type: X-Tube
Metallurgy: 99.999% oxygen-free copper
Cross-sectional area: 1.5mm sq
Ferrite jacket: 10% Zn/Mn
Capacitance: 100 pF/m
Inductance: 0.7 uH/m
Loop resistance: 0.026 ohm/m
Dielectric strength: 2 kV (ac for 15 mins)
Complies with: EN50525; EN60320; EN60884
Outer jacket: Black Pearl
Nominal outside diameter: 11mm
Plugs: UK: MK Tough Plug 655 BLK; EU: Schuko 516
Connector: Martin Kaiser IEC C13 794    

About QED

British audio specialists QED has been designing and engineering superior AV cables for over 45 years, with its QED 79 strand cable, released in 1976, widely recognised as the world’s first “specialist” speaker cable – a product that demonstrated how cables could have a tangible impact on audio performance. Since then, the company has used extensive scientific research and computer-aided design techniques to ensure its products remain at the very cutting edge of technology. That rich heritage and constant drive for innovation underpins QED’s latest products. All cables deliver an enhanced sonic performance without compromising on their competitive price points.

For more information visit www.qed.co.uk (UK) and www.qacoustics.com (US)


Click on images below for hi-res files

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